Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey vs UK

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Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey vs UK

How much a hair transplant cost in the UK?

A hair transplant in the UK can cost between £3,000 and £30,000, depending on the extent of hair loss, the type of procedure, and the clinic’s and team’s quality.
Minor treatments at Harley Street Clinics in London start at £3000 and can go up depending on the graft transplantation.
What does the NHS say about selecting a hair transplant surgeon?

It is important to find a surgeon who is qualified and experienced in performing this type of surgery.

Consult your surgeon about:

  • their qualifications and experience
  • how many hair transplants they’ve done and how many patients have experienced complications
  • what type of hair transplant they would recommend for you and why, and what kind of follow-up you can expect if something goes wrong
  • what their levels of patient satisfaction are

Does NHS Offer Hair Transplant Treatment?

Because it is cosmetic surgery, it is not covered by the NHS.
Getting a hair transplant is a big step. Learn everything you can so you know what to expect and if you are travelling abroad for hair transplant, make sure you have a proper consultation before you travel.

Why Should you have Hair Transplant in Turkey?

There is no such thing as’should’ – when it comes to Hair Transplantation, Turkey provides the best service at an affordable price.
Not only are the treatments affordable, but the entire experience of flying to an exotic country, being welcomed at the airport with VIP transport, and staying in a 5-star hotel makes the trip worthwhile.

It’s easy to see why Turkey has become one of the world’s top hair restoration destinations.

A wide selection of world-class clinics, along with a number of the most experienced surgeons, ensure the highest levels of patient care are served. Most importantly, excellent hair transplant results are obtained.

How much Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost?

Hair transplant in Turkey cost attracts over 35,000 men each year, and statistics show that an increasing number of patients travel from European countries to take advantage of these significant savings.

For an all-inclusive hair transplant package, the average hair transplant cost in Turkey is around £2300. Your accommodation, airport transfer, and full treatment are all included in the all-inclusive package. According to our research, the minimum hair transplant cost is £1500 and the maximum is £5000.

Remember this is a 4-8 hours surgery that requires high skills and it gives full confident

How do these prices compare to the rest of Europe?

A hair transplant in the United Kingdom would cost around £7000 for the same level of care, while Harley Clinics can cost up to £30000.
Hair transplants in Germany cost around £6000.

It’s no surprise that Turkey is one of the world’s most affordable locations for hair transplant surgery, with prices nearly three times lower than competitors.

Is low-cost hair transplantation associated with low quality?

The simple answer is no, it does not.

Hair transplant operations in Turkey are among the most inexpensive in the world, leading many patients to suspect that there must be a catch.

The best hair transplant clinics follow strict guidelines to provide the best possible patient care. The Turkish Health Ministry must accredit each facility and inspect it on a regular basis to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

But why is it so cheap? This is due to two major factors.
Firstly, Turkey has a lower standard of living; services are frequently cheaper. Secondly, the Turkish Lira is also weaker in the country, so foreign patients’ money will be worth much more during an exchange.

What is the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey?

The number of grafts or implanted hair, as well as the procedure type, will be the most determining factors in the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey.
You won’t know for certain until you have your hair analysed.

Our package with the clinics we work with includes

  • Airport greeting and VIP transfer to and from the hotel
  • 3 Nights in a 5 Star Hotel with Breakfast Included
  • Translator/Guest Services
  • Physician
  • The First Exam
  • Blood test before surgery
  • Anaesthesia administered locally
  • After Care Treatment for Hair Transplantation
  • Postoperative examination
  • Kit for First Washing and Aftercare (Shampoo, Lotion, Bandage, Hat and Medicines)
  • Pillow for Traveling
  • Hair transplant operation written certificate

The advantage of these hair transplant packages is that everything is pre-arranged for you before leaving for Turkey.

Other expenses related to a hair transplant in Turkey

What is not included in the price?  These are additional costs to consider when calculating the overall cost of your hair transplant in Turkey. These are some examples:


Many places will book flights for you; the cost will ultimately depend on where you are going; the average flight between London and Istanbul costs between £200 and £500.

Blood Test Before Travel

We recommend that you have a blood test before travelling to ensure that you are free of any diseases that could halt your treatment. Speak with your doctor to see if they can refer you for a blood test, or look online for nearby clinics where you can get a blood test.

You will be given all medications and lotions, but if you need more, you can purchase them at the clinic.

Additional Treatments

After the treatment, you can consider additional treatments to help new hair grow. This is completely optional. These may include techniques such as hair root therapy, vitamin supplements, or laser therapy used in conjunction with surgeries. They may also be charged separately, although they are non-invasive.

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