Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

In a Traditional FUE is performed with the donor area shaved in order to collect the maximum number of hairs possible. The Unshaven FUE, on the other hand, is the next step in the treatment of hair loss.

In a  traditional FUE transplant, hairs are extracted one by one from a donor area.

The Unshaven FUE Treatment, on the other hand, is more sensitive and needs your surgeon to be quite skilled in order to identify the healthiest hairs.

Once the hair has been harvested, the strands are cut, leaving just the grafts to be implanted.

The grafts are then planted into the thinning or balding areas to match the natural growth characteristics of your natural hair.

Why should you use unshaved FUE?

Most standard hair transplants include shaving a portion or all of the patient’s head so that doctors may implant a bigger hair graft and obtain more lasting results.

However, the idea of having their head shaved might be intimidating for many individuals.

However, with U- FUE, patients may maintain the majority of their hair while receiving great treatment.

Any surgeon doing this technique must be more skillful than those performing normal FUE  transplants.

Have Long Hair? 

Some patients are put off having a FUE treatment because they are concerned that the surgeon would have to completely shave the back and sides of their head in order to harvest donor grafts.

This might be the case.

To obtain the donor hair for a FUE transplant, simply a little piece of the back or side of the scalp is shaved.

This is completely eliminated with a U- FUE, making it ideal for those with longer hair.

During and after the operation, patients may keep their original hairstyle and length.