How it Works

Hair Transplant in Turkey - How It Works


Send Us Your Images - Eligibility Confirmation

The first step is assessing whether you are eligible for a hair transplant treatment. Send us your photos through WhatsApp +7901 308412  or email, and our professionals will determine whether you have sufficient donor area for a hair transplant. If you are qualified for the therapy, you will be asked questions about your medical history to complete the eligibility check.


Free Online Consultation

If you are qualified for a treatment, the next step is to schedule a free consultation where you can ask questions and discuss desired outcomes with specialists, and then create a personalised treatment plan.

Pay Deposit

After approving the treatment plan and cost estimate, there will be a deposit fee to pay to reserve the hotel, transport & space at the clinic.

Book A Flight to Istanbul

You will need to book a flight to one of the airports in Istannbul and provide us with your arrival and departure time

Day 1: Arrival to Turkey - Greetings / VIP Transport

As soon as you arrive in Turkey, your treatment plan will begin. You will be greeted by a member of our staff in a VIP car who will transport you to our 5-star hote

Day 2: Treatment Day

The next morning, you will be taken to our clinic. The clinic will do the hair analysis and blood test and  plan your new hairline. Your hair transplant procedure will begin. To finish the hair transplant with the comfort of sleep, you are transported back to your hotel and given a special pillow and medication.

Day 3: First Wash and Discharge

The next day, you will return to the clinic for your first wash and examination. You will get comprehensive instructions on hair care for the forthcoming period. Depending on your flight schedule, you are taken to the hotel or to the airport.

Day 4: Departure from Turkey

Your treatment process is completed and your recovery process starts. You will be taken from your hotel and taken to the airport. You will be ready to go back and do after care yourself from now on.

First 15 Days After the Treatment

Seven to ten days after treatment, red spots will appear, followed by gradual crusting. Itching may also develop shortly after this surgery. The patient should avoid from picking at their scalp. After 15 days, the appearance of these patches and crusts will disappear. The transplanted hair will begin to grow.

1- 3 Months After Treatment

The transplanted area will experience up to 80% hair loss after 3 weeks due to shock shedding. This is a normal part of the recovery process, therefore there is no need for conce

4- 12 months after treatment

On average, the regrown hair becomes stronger and healthier after four months. There will be a visible change after six months, and it will continue to strengthen until twelve mo

12m After the Treatment - New Permanent Look

After twelve months, the recovery process will be complete, and you will enjoy your new appearance forever.

Depending on your flight booking and treatment plan, the days might change

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