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Premium Hair Transplant services in Turkey, provide expert care and advanced techniques to restore your hair and boost your self-confidence.



Experience exceptional dental care in Turkey with TR Well, connecting you to top clinics for a range of treatments, from aesthetic to restorative procedures. Achieve your dream smile today.


All Inclusive Packages

from £1950

 3 Night Accommodation in 5 Star Hotel with Breakfast

 Airport greeting & VIP Transfer to/from hotel

 7/24 Guest Services/ Translator

 Blood test

 Sedation- Local Anaesthetic

  Hair transplantation

After Care Treatment

  Postoperative inspection

  First Wash

  Aftercare Kit (Shampoo, Lotion, Hat, Medicines & Travel Pillow)

 Written Certificate

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Why Work with Us?

UK Based

We are based in London and offer full consultancy and aftercare services in both countries  We do all of the work checks for you at no added cost.

Expert Doctors

Quality control and safety are paramount to us. That’s why we ensure that the doctors and clinics we recommend hold the highest industry certification and insurance.

Package Offers

Your treatment plan will come with a package deal that includes 5* Hotel, Transport,  Treatment and English-speaking support for 12 months.

No Extra Costs

We are funded by the clinics in Turkey. We do not charge you any extra fees for our services and we offer price match.

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Who is TR Well?

We are two British entrepreneurs with Turkish roots who have been working in the Hair Loss industry for 13 years. We began with a Hair Replacement system and then provided headwear for those experiencing hair loss due to medical reasons.

We understand how hair loss can affect one’s confidence and life, and our goal is to provide the best service at the best price possible. We have deep knowledge of Turkey and strong connections with the best clinics in Turkey due to our Turkish ancestry. As a result, for those who qualify, we provide Hair Transplant treatments in Turkey. Clinics in Turkey fund us, so there is no additional cost to work with us.

Why Turkey?

When it comes to hair transplants, Turkey has long been the world leader. Turkey provides the best medical care, qualified surgeons, and advanced technologies used in Europe and the United Kingdom. Because of currency exchange and lower living costs than in the UK, the cost of operation, including flight, accommodation, and transportation, is 60% less than in the UK.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is fixed and varies between £1950 and £3000. This cost varies according to the degree of baldness and the type of hair transplant treatment used.

Unlike in the UK and the EU, the price does not vary based on the number of grafts, and you will not be charged any additional fees after the treatment.

If you are eligible for the treatment based on your hair analysis, a bespoke treatment plan and an exact cost will be provided.  Treatment, 5* hotel accommodations, and airport transportation are all included in the price.

The cost of Beauty Aesthetics in Turkey

The cost of beauty aesthetics in Turkey can vary greatly, as there are numerous methods and techniques available to suit each individual’s unique needs and preferences.

This wide selection allows clients to find treatments that cater to their specific requirements while accommodating different budget levels, making Turkey a popular destination for aesthetic procedures.

How Long to Recover?

A hair transplant recovery period of 10-15 days is typical. A patient’s transplanted scalp will be red, scabby, and swollen during recovery. These symptoms usually go away in couple of weeks.

Within three months, new hair will begin to grow, but those hairs will shed after three months. After 3 months, stronger and permanent hair growth will begin, and full hair growth will continue until 12 months.

Why TR Well?

  • We have over 10 years of experience in hair loss in the UK. We know hair and hair loss!
  • We are of Turkish origin and are well-versed in Istanbul, culture, and what to expect in Turkey. We have a strong connection not only for hair transplant but also for dental care and plastic surgery in Turkey. We are confident with reputable and qualified clinics!
  • We are based in London! We primarily work from home because working in an office has become unpopular since Covid. However, if we need to meet with our clients, we have an office in Central London where we can meet you at any time. We’ll put you at ease and address any concerns you have.
  • Our goal is to assist you in regaining your confidence and providing you with the best solution that works for you.
  • You’ll get a free follow-up appointment because we don’t just leave you to care for your new hair on your own.
  • We conduct all due diligence and ensure that the surgeons are highly qualified and the clinics are certified; if there is anything that needs to be addressed, we will contact them on your behalf.

How to Start?

The change starts with the first step!

  1. Email or WhatsApp your photos for an eligibility check
  2. Our surgeons would then create a customised treatment plan
  3. Finalize the plan with an online consultation
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