FUE Hair Transplant

Smooth FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

FUE Hair Transplantation is a natural and permanent method as a solution to hair loss or thinning.

FUE is a hair transplant procedure that involves extracting and transplanting individual donor hair follicles from one area of the head to a thinning or balding area. This is accomplished with hundreds or perhaps thousands of microscopic “punches.” The hair follicles may then be carefully put in the little holes created at the recipient location.

The treatment takes six to eight hours and causes less scars in comparison to other hair transplant procedures.

It generates a new hairline that will ultimately develop into complete hair regeneration, with no limitations on how short the hair may be trimmed in the future.

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

The extracted hair follicles are then reinserted utilising sub-millimeter procedures, which include puncturing the areas of the scalp that will receive the transplanted hair follicles. The next portion of the procedure requires an artistic touch, as our surgeons must consider hair depth, angulation, direction, and density to get a look that is as natural and realistic as possible.

The donor region, from which hair was removed, heals with pinpoint-sized scars smaller than one millimetre in diameter. Once the hair has grown to grades 1 or 2, these FUE scars are invisible.

In FUE hair transplant, local anaesthesia is performed, and the hair roots are extracted one-by-one using micromotors with edges, then implanted in balding areas while considering the direction and angle of hair growth. With these micromotors, the hair roots are harvested more quickly, and the hair transplant is completed promptly.

FUE Advantages

There is no linear scar after surgery.

Reduced overall recuperation period

Minimal post-operative discomfort Expanded harvesting regions since surgeons may now employ previously off-limits portions of the “safe zone,” such as the permanent zone, where hair grows at a very steep angle.

The capacity to transplant hair from other areas of the body, including the beard and body hair.

Creating a more balanced final result by decreasing donor area density and limiting contrast between the donor zone on the sides of the head and the back and transplant areas.

Disadvantages of FUE

A limited number of grafts are available for transplantation during each session.

Operator dependent method needs outstanding hand/eye coordination

Individually collected hair is more costly since it is more labour-demanding.

Due to the restricted number of grafts that can be acquired each session, it is more time-consuming.

People with a greater hair demand often need many hair transplant procedures to reach the desired coverage.

FUE Hair Transplants: How Long to See Results

Most new hairs will emerge five to six months after a hair transplant.

As the follicles mature between 8 and 10 months, the hair will be at its longest and thickest point.

Expect the full findings in around one year . Even beyond this stage, the colour and texture may continue to grow and shift gradually.

Everyone is unique and has varying hair growth rates; thus, all time periods are based on average experiences.

The only certainty is that the consequences will be long-lasting.

Is FUE Hair Transplants Painful?

FUE treatment should be painless as most surgeons use a local anaesthetic to numb the scap.

It may be slightly uncomfortable at first, but once the area is completely numb, you will be pain-free.

Of course, this varies from person to person, but your surgeon will do everything possible to make your hair surgery as painless as possible Now, we offer extra Sedative method that even removes that uncomfort feeling of local anasthesia. You'll be given options whether you would

We now provide an additional Sedative method that eliminates the uneasy feeling of local anasthesia.

How long does the pain last after an FUE hair transplant?

The pain level after a hair transplant varies; some people may experience soreness for a day or two after the procedure, while others may experience discomfort for a week or more. In general, the more grafts you have, the longer it takes to heal, so you may be in pain for a longer period of time.In most cases, any redness will fade within two weeks of treatment

Recovery Process

First 15 Days

Seven to ten days after treatment, red spots will appear, followed by gradual crusting. Itching may also occur shortly after treatment. The patient must refrain from picking at their scalp. The appearance of these patches and crusts will fade after 15 days. The hair transplanted will begin to grow.

1- 3 Months

Due to shock shedding, the transplanted area will experience up to 80% hair loss after 3 weeks. There is no need to be concerned as this is a normal part of the recovery process.

4- 12 Months

After four months, the regrown hair becomes stronger and healthier on average. After six months, there will be a noticeable difference, which will continue to strengthen until twelve months.

12 Months ~

After twelve months, the recovery process will be complete, and you will enjoy your new appearance forever.

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