Hair Transplant Results

Many travel to Turkey from around the world.
Hair transplants can restore self-esteem and fix a receding hairline, thinning hair, and bald patches.

These photos show how many grafts are needed for great hair transplant results. See our collaborated hair clinic’s before-and-after photos.

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We assist you in locating expert surgeons in Turkey for FUE hair transplants and  Sapphire DHI method. Each of them is capable of achieving the best results using the most recent techniques and methods in the field of hair restoration. Allow them to achieve particularly natural results and hair growth by defining the front hairline strongly.

Of course, the outcomes of hair transplant surgery vary from person to person. Aside from the individual response of each scalp to hair surgery, it is also dependent on the initial hair situation. If hair follicles are implanted between existing hair, the existing hair may fall out over time. Non-transplanted hair is susceptible to genetic hair loss.

The surgeon should replicate the natural angle of growth of the hair follicles, which is an important aspect of a high quality hair transplant. Only skilled surgeons with the most precise modern tools can accomplish this.

Contact us for a free hair analysis and consultation. You will discuss the number of grafts required, and he will determine your future hairline. You can see in the photos how we have set the hairline for previous patients. We will get you in touch with the surgeons for consultation with you to determining the ideal hairline for natural-looking hair.