Why Turkey?

Why Travel to Turkey for Health?

If you’ve gone to Istanbul, you’ve likely seen men with red spots on their heads. These red spots are present as a result of recent hair transplant surgery. In Turkey, hair transplants have grown commonplace to the point where they have become a part of daily life.

Some so many individuals have hair transplants in Turkey while travelling with Turkish Airlines that the carrier has been dubbed Turkish Hairlines.
Dr. Servet Terziler, president of the Turkish Health Tourism Association (TÜSATDER), said, “Assuming that the foreign currency left by the typical patient in hair transplantation is $2,000, we may estimate that one million individuals travelled to Turkey for hair transplantation in 2022.”
Turkey is undoubtedly one of the most popular destination in the hair transplantation sector and is essentially the pioneer. For hair transplants, dental, orthopaedic, or cosmetic surgery, medical tourism in Turkey is an affordable and promising solution.

But, why? Why is Turkey the leader in hair transplants?

There are several reasons why Turkey is the leader in hair transplants.

1- Lower Prices and Higher Quality

This is one of the main reasons Turkey ranks first in hair transplants. The procedure is significantly affordable in Turkey than it is elsewhere in the globe.
They often provide package offers that include luxury accommodations as well as transportation. Not only is the treatment less expensive, but the whole experience of coming to Turkey, being greeted at the airport, and staying in a fantastic hotel makes the entire experience a special one. And yet, total costs can reach only one-third of those in the United Kingdom or Europe.

2- Turkey’s Healthcare System

Turkey’s government and private healthcare facilities are demanding the highest quality, sophisticated technology, and medical standards.
The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with an Independent Turkish Medical Association, establishes the local norms and criteria that hospitals, health providers, and medical practitioners must follow.

Nearly 55% of Turkey’s more than 1200 hospitals are owned by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Universities, private enterprises, and international organisations hold the remaining.
Many hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JACHO), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and have relationships with Western medical organisations and institutions. The Turkish Medical Association certifies that most hospitals in Turkey have some English-speaking physicians and medical personnel.

3. There are no waiting lists.

In the UK and EU, waiting lists for hair transplant surgery might take several months.
Many people who are considering treatment may find this frustrating and upsetting.
When it comes to scheduling appointments with hair transplant doctors in Turkey, thankfully, waiting lists are virtually non-existent.
This enables you to schedule your treatment and travel at the last minute or at a time in the future that is convenient for you.

4- Wonderful Places to Stay and Visit

Many people who travel abroad for medical treatment also take advantage of changing a medical visit into a holiday.
As previously said, recovering after a hair transplant is usually a minor procedure, so patients may take advantage of the opportunity to explore a new place and immerse themselves in its culture.
Istanbul, for instance, is ideal for this.
It is not only home to some of the most known hair transplant surgeons, but it is also a lovely tourist destination with a rich, unique, and intriguing culture.
So, how about taking a boat down the Bosphorus or wandering along the famed Istiklal Street?
Take things carefully and keep in mind that you will still be healing from your treatment.
However, if you plan ahead of time, you can make the most of your vacation.

5- International Awareness

Traveling to another country for treatment may be time-consuming, considering all of the factors to account while organising your journey.
Fortunately, hair transplant facilities in Turkey are used to working with overseas patients.Turkey is Number one raking country for medical tourism not only in the UK but also EU, USA and Middle East.
Many of them can provide translation services because of multilingual surgeons and technicians who speak English.
Turkish hair transplant clinics additionally provide one-of-a-kind treatment packages in which they help you select a nearby hotel and organise airport pickup upon your arrival.

These package alternatives are also something that our TrWell staff can assist you with.
One of our Client Advisors will provide you with all of the information you want and will help you before, during, and after treatment to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible.

Why do you need  TrWell Team?

There is no extra fee to pay work with us. We are affiliated with the clinics who passed our regulations and provide us full certificated and full pass history treatment.
We do all the work for you: Turkish government is doing their best to regulate the clinics


What to Expect in Turkey?

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